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Holidays & Fiestas


Cinco de Mayo:


A national holiday in Mexico on May 5th. for

Victory al Puebla over French on May 5, 1862.



El Grito:


The nigth before independence Day, 10:00 pm

on September 15th., the bell is rung in the

Church of Dolores by the president of the



Mexican Independence Day:


The greatest national holiday, September 16th.


Columbus Day:


Celbrated in Mexico, as well as the United States

on October 12th.


Anniversary of the Revolution:


The start of the revolution in Mexico against

Diaz in 1920 is remembered on November 20th.




Mexican festivities start nine days before

Christmas. A highligt is the Posadas, a

reenactment of the Holy Family's search

for shelter before the birth of Jesus.

The holiday time is for parties and includes the piñata , a gally decorated paper-mache animal filled with candies. It is battered with a stick by guests untill it is broken and goodies tumble out.

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